Business Owners Articles

Business Owners Articles

Income Tax Tips: Business Insurance


Insurance serves many purposes for a business. You'll need insurance to protect your business from property damage, personal injury suits, and other forms of financial loss. In addition, you may want to provide your employees with certain types of insurance (e.g., group health and life insurance) to attract and retain them. One of the issues [...]

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Transferring Your Family Business


As a business owner, you're going to have to decide when will be the right time to step out of the family business and how you'll do it. There are many estate planning tools you can use to transfer your business. Selecting the right one will depend on whether you plan to retire from the [...]

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Choosing an Entity for Your Business


Now that you've decided to start a new business or buy an existing one, you need to consider the form of business entity that's right for you. Basically, three separate categories of entities exist: partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Each category has its own advantages, disadvantages, and special rules. It's also possible to operate [...]

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Benefit Plans for Small Businesses


If you own a small business, you may be finding it increasingly necessary to implement a benefit program to attract and retain employees. For small businesses, benefit plans generally consist of some of the major insurance benefits, discussed here, as well as employer-sponsored retirement plans. Group health insurance Health insurance is by far the most [...]

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