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Tax Planning for the Self-Employed


Self-employment is the opportunity to be your own boss, to come and go as you please, and oh yes, to establish a lifelong bond with your accountant. If you're self-employed, you'll need to pay your own FICA taxes and take charge of your own retirement plan, among other things. Here are some planning tips. Understand [...]

Tax Planning for the Self-Employed2019-10-28T15:00:15-04:00

Retirement Planning: The Basics


You may have a very idealistic vision of retirement — doing all of the things that you never seem to have time to do now. But how do you pursue that vision? Social Security may be around when you retire, but the benefit that you get from Uncle Sam may not provide enough income for [...]

Retirement Planning: The Basics2019-10-28T15:00:36-04:00

Choosing an Income Tax Filing Status


Selecting a filing status is one of the first decisions you'll make when you fill out your federal income tax return, so it's important to know the rules. And because you may have more than one option, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Making the right decision about your filing status [...]

Choosing an Income Tax Filing Status2019-10-28T15:01:50-04:00

Estate Planning: An Introduction


By definition, estate planning is a process designed to help you manage and preserve your assets while you are alive, and to conserve and control their distribution after your death according to your goals and objectives. But what estate planning means to you specifically depends on who you are. Your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, life [...]

Estate Planning: An Introduction2019-10-28T15:02:32-04:00

10 Terms Every Investor Should Know


If you're new to investing, you may encounter some unfamiliar jargon. Understanding the following terms may help you become a more confident investor. Portfolio An investment portfolio is a collection of investments owned by an individual or an institution. Typically, a portfolio comprises a mix of asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash. [...]

10 Terms Every Investor Should Know2023-05-25T19:51:33-04:00

Long-Term Care Insurance: How Does It Work?


Whether you've had a long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy for years or you're thinking of buying one, it's critical to understand exactly what set of conditions will trigger coverage. This information is the bread and butter of any LTCI policy. In addition, you should know how to file a claim, preferably before you're on the [...]

Long-Term Care Insurance: How Does It Work?2019-10-28T15:04:57-04:00

Benefit Plans for Small Businesses


If you own a small business, you may be finding it increasingly necessary to implement a benefit program to attract and retain employees. For small businesses, benefit plans generally consist of some of the major insurance benefits, discussed here, as well as employer-sponsored retirement plans. Group health insurance Health insurance is by far the most [...]

Benefit Plans for Small Businesses2019-10-28T15:06:04-04:00

The ABCs of 529 Plans


529 plans are tax-advantaged education savings vehicles and one of the most popular ways to save for education today. Much like the way 401(k) plans revolutionized the world of retirement savings a few decades ago, 529 plans have changed the world of education savings. An overview of 529 plans Congress created 529 plans in 1996 [...]

The ABCs of 529 Plans2019-10-28T15:07:32-04:00

Teaching Your Child about Money


Ask your five-year old where money comes from, and the answer you'll probably get is "From a machine!" Even though children don't always understand where money really comes from, they realize at a young age that they can use it to buy the things they want. So as soon as your child becomes interested in [...]

Teaching Your Child about Money2019-10-28T15:09:14-04:00

Establishing a Budget


Do you ever wonder where your money goes each month? Does it seem like you're never able to get ahead? If so, you may want to establish a budget to help you keep track of how you spend your money and help you reach your financial goals. Examine your financial goals Before you establish a [...]

Establishing a Budget2019-10-28T15:10:34-04:00